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Crack Zip password - legal aspects

Cracking ZIP password for the file that you do not own is not legal. You should not use any zip cracking software for this purpose. Please, use zip password recovery tools any for your files and passwords that you have lost.

Find hidden WinZip (.zip) archives

Finding a password for a .zip file archive is necessary only if you was able to locate password protected file. But it's easy to hide protected .zip archive within many others. More about how to finding hidden WinZip files.

How to find hidden password protected .zip, .rar, Word, Excel files?

Show Hidden Files was designed for this task.

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If you lost or forget the password to your password protected WinZip archive, then please, browse this directory for recommended password recovery tools.

Zip Password Recovery

Visual ZIP Password Recovery Processor is a fast and reliable utility that allows recovering password for .zip and .exe (self extractable zip) files. 

  • Supports "brute-force" algorithm;
  • Allows check custom passwords;
  • Can plain text dictionaries;

Zip Password Recovery: Order Now, Home Page

Visual ZIP Password Recovery Processor is a fast and reliable utility that allows recovering password for .zip and .exe (self extractable zip) files.

Visual ZIP Password Recovery Processor (or simply VZPRP) recovers lost passwords for ZIP archives. Now you do not have to give out your sensitive information to "somebody", who promises to recover the passwords. Who guarantees, that he will not only recover the password, but also then will erase and not copy the zip file? NOBODY. You can save a lot of money, recovering by yourself. However, this "recovery" does not take more than to select the zip file and press "GO". That is all. Why pay somebody for their "work", if they use the same software as you will do! For only 30$. Software is yours. Forever.

At the moment there is no known method to extract the password from the compressed file; so, the only available method is simply a "brute-force" attack. But, undocumented features of ZIP files provide you with a great time reduction while searching, the program possessing a smart heuristic. It is 90% passwords that fall within an hour with right settings.

Zip Password Recovery: Order Now, Home Page

Atomic ZIP Password Recovery

Recover passwords to ZIP files

Nice looking and easy to use ZIP password recovery program.

It suggested automatic and manual password recovery algorithms.

The automatic algorithm will scan for 5 characters max passwords, the manual mode is fully configurable, so you can specify what characters you are looking for and expecting to have is password.

Also, the dictionary based attack is supported by the program. Right now you can purchase the program for $24.95 and visit home page for more information.


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