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Security consultant

Security consultant examines information security risks and provides a security policy which helps ensure information confidentiality and integrity.

Protecting valuable information

Security consultant determines information security policy for a particular organization and identifies its security weaker areas. In the technology driven world, information has obtained a key role in business development. As the number of services grows, more people on the staff should have quick access to the vital information. This may of course lead to information security breaches. To protect an organizationís valuable information from being accessed by the wrong people, an organization needs an effective security policy which is designed to assess and reduce information vulnerability risks.

Enhancing organizationís information security

Elaborate security policy using concept and mind mapping techniquesSecurity policy is a risk-control mechanism, which responds to specific information security risks. Security policy is designed and implemented by a security consultant. Security consultant analyzes information security problems and defines security objectives for the particular organization. Each organization has its own security profile, composed of the type and amount of valuable information resources and security vulnerabilities that are exploitable. Security policy must provide for the availability and confidentiality of the valuable information. It ensures that information can always be accessed only by the people who are intended to use it.

To examine an organizationís information security, security consultant may perform a security audit. Information security audit is a systematic assessment of organizational information resources. Typically, security audit measures security policy compliance and recommends solutions to its enhancement. Security audit should analyze information access controls, network vulnerability, operating system and applications security. Security audit is based on the data collected by the physical security assessment of computer assets and interviews of the company staff. The security audit must ensure that all employees at all levels within an organization understand and comply with the information security requirements.

Ask your security consultant for file shredder utility. We designed a Shred Agent, a hardware-level background mode file shredder that provides secure deletion of even temporary files. 

Security consultant helps prevent security incidents

Security consultant determines information security policy for a particular organization and identifies its security weaker areas. Comprehensive security policy helps prevent security incidents and enhance information availability and confidentiality.

Find Protected is an utility to force Password Security policy


Use Balanced Scorecard metrics designed in Excel to measure IT security performance.

Find Protected allows to detect incidents, when one break Password Security Policy.

  • Prevent using password protection for not-sensitive documents

  • Prevent information leakage, when one keep sensitive file in non-secure location

  • Prevent in-appropriate using of password protection (for example, password protection of personal files)

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