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New articles: read about security problems related to recent files. Recent files, also referred to as temporary files, are those created automatically and stored on the system's hard drive.

  • Potential danger. The thing is that the recent files make your privacy and your company's confidential information vulnerable. More about recent files danger.
  • Recent files information leakage. Many applications require to create and maintain temporary files. Read about risk of information leakage associated with recent files.
  • Security Scanning. Computer forensics companies use Show Hidden Files to support security scanning process.

Inside Threat

Security of document management

  • Elaborate security policy using concept and mind mapping techniquesDocuments are the most valuable information asset within a company. That is why it is essential to provide its security within an enterprise and after it leaves the corporate network. More in Document security within an enterprise article.
  • Information technology has become performance multiplier for almost every organization. However, it is associated with numerous vulnerabilities that may cause serious damage to business reputation and result in revenues reduction. More in Information security management article.
  • In the new world of technology, it is vital for the business management to actively and aggressively respond to major security challenges. The management has to work out common standards of information security risk assessment and mitigation. More in  Security management article.

For IT and security departments


To protect confidential data, an organization should follow specific information security policy. Properly implemented security policy enhances information confidentiality and accessibility. >>

  • Security consultant examines information security. >>

  • What good password policy is. >>

  • Password policy and audit. >>

  • Find password protected file and recover password. >>

  • Protect with password, find protected, recover password. >>

  • Manage protected files properly to reduce security risks. >>

For Police

  • Police investigative software. Show Hidden Files is an utility that allows police officer to find password protected files and secure storages on local hard disks and across the network. Find Protected is a good police investigative software that helps police officers doing their job when researching suspected's computer.

For Security Administrators

Basic Articles

Find Protected Files.

Recommended file recovery tools.


Security Glossary. Security Administrator is the person responsible for maintaining the company security systems within his area of responsibility. Read more...



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