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Effective security policy

An approach to information security has changed radically for the past decades. To protect confidential information assets, the company now needs a comprehensive security policy.

Information is an essential element of overall business activity

Use Balanced Scorecard metrics designed in Excel to measure IT security performance.

Information security has always been essential for any organization. In the past it involved accurate storage of the documents and securing the physical archive. Nowadays, this process has been virtualized. All records of business activity are stored in electronic form. Besides, most companies manage a corporate network, typically open to the internet, which makes it much easier for the attacker to gain access to confidential corporate information.

Implementing security policy

Information security policy is an essential tool to protect information within a company. Any security policy consists of three elements: people, processes and technology. It should be noted that information security does not depend primarily on the scale and efficiency of the technology employed. No matter how intelligent and sophisticated the technology is, it is still subject to the whims of users. A corporate security policy should take into account the current business procedures and not constrict the ability of the employees to carry out their everyday tasks by introducing overly complicated security systems.

It’s much harder to change human behavior than it is to install data security systems. According to research of the most common security incidents, security dangers are usually totally predictable and have nothing to do with esoteric arts of the most skilled hackers or some cunning exploit. Network vulnerabilities typically abused by attackers are quite commonplace and can be easily identified and fixed. Most security attacks involve “social engineering” or insider abuse. Employees at the company may incidentally disclose passwords in an email, through instant message system, or simply put passwords down on paper and keep them at his or her workplace.

To protect information effectively, the security policy should answer the following questions. First of all: What information should be protected? It is useful to create a multilevel security system, setting various levels of protection to different types of documents. The policy should also take into account where the information will be stored. Without a comprehensive security policy, the company can lose track of some confidential documents and files, or store multiple copies of the same documents in different “corners” of the corporate network. Naturally, it increases the risk that the information may be compromised.  To keep track of all the valuable information in the corporate network, the company can use specific software solutions.

The security policy should also answer the question: Who is going to have access to the protected information and who is not? Effective corporate information security should maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information.

Security policy helps reduce security risks

Information security is one of the most critical issues of the present-day business management. To protect its information assets, a company needs to work out a comprehensive security policy. Effective security policy must address two principal problems: classifying the confidential information and identifying the users of the confidential data.

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