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Password protection in company

To protect confidential data, an organization should follow specific information security policy. Properly implemented security policy enhances information confidentiality and accessibility.

How to prevent information attack

As the amount of important information resources a company has to deal with is growing rapidly, more and more efforts are being taken to protect these resources. To secure an organizationís confidential data effectively, information security policy should be set in place. Security policy is usually implemented by a security consultant. Security consultant works out specific practices and procedures that will reduce the possibility of an information attack and minimize the damage caused by such an attack.

Implementing security policy

Elaborate security policy using concept and mind mapping techniquesTo secure valuable information resources, you can protect them by using a password. However, password selection is not an easy task to fulfill. Passwords should be hard to guess yet memorable. Passwords containing personal information, common words or solely numbers are quite easily intercepted. To reduce the likelihood of a dictionary attack, the password should include at least seven to eight characters in a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. Each password should be replaced periodically, with the new password being completely different from the previous one.

But the rules that are too strict largely increase password complexity. It should not be forgotten that efficiency of the security policy depends primarily on people who have to follow specific security rules in their every day practice. Hard-to-remember password techniques force people to write the passwords down or store them in a particular file. This makes information attack risks even worse.

The password protected files containing confidential data should be stored in a specific location on hard drive. These files are not supposed to be copied or sent by email. The name of such files must not say anything about the confidential nature of the data it contains.

Security policy provides for information confidentiality and accessibility

Security policy that is made to address an organizationís specific information risks can considerably reduce the possibility of confidential data leakage. However, in most cases, confidential information that supports critical business processing should be all-time available. That is why the major objective of the security consultant in charge of a particular organizationís information security is to ensure the confidential data is easily accessible only by those who are intended to use it.

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  • Prevent using password protection for not-sensitive documents

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