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Policy for password protected files.

Protected files policy helps enhance an organizationís information security and reduce the risks of password interception. Can you find hidden password protected files? Your file policy should guaranty this.

Protecting confidential information

Use Balanced Scorecard metrics designed in Excel to measure IT security performance.

Everyone is aware of a wide range of potential risks associated with trusting business-critical and confidential information to computer memory. The files containing important information must be secure enough and protected by a strong password. However, password-protected files are often targeted by attackers. Once the password protected file is disclosed, the risk to of the password interception is considerably increased.

Managing password protected files properly

Elaborate security policy using concept and mind mapping techniquesTo secure protected files stored on your computer, you need to implement a unified policy for hidden password protected files. First of all, files containing confidential information should not be obvious for the attacker. The file names should not point out the importance of information stored in the file. Try to choose the file names that say nothing about the file content.

It is not wise to make more than one copy of the protected file. In many cases, an organizationís management loses track of all password protected files stored on a corporate network or even a single computer. The fact thereís a number of protected files on your computer that contain identical information makes the task of finding all the password protected files more complicated.

Keep sensitive password protected files secure:

  • File names should not point out the importance of file

  • Don't create copies of the protected file

  • Place file in secure location on hard disk

  • Hide your files with some other way

The files containing confidential information should be placed in a definite location on the hard drive. The most practical solution is storing all the existing password protected files in a hidden folder that no one except for the authorized person has access to. If the files are stored on a removable device, it should be given protection that is consistent with the value of the information it contains. For instance, the file containing critical financial information must be protected the same way the similar financial resources are protected.

Consider using background mode file shredder. For instance, Shred Agent, wipes files on hardware level, so you minimize the risk that someone could recover sensitive files. 

Password protected files policy reduces risks of password interception

Aside from protecting information by a strong and secure password, the password protected files must as well be made inaccessible by unauthorized people. Implementing a consistent policy for password protected files helps enhance an organizationís security policy as a whole and, finally, prevent information leakage.

Find Protected is an utility to force Password Security policy


Find Protected allows to detect incidents, when one break Password Security Policy.

  • Prevent using password protection for not-sensitive documents

  • Prevent information leakage, when one keep sensitive file in non-secure location

  • Prevent in-appropriate using of password protection (for example, password protection of personal files)

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