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Recent files

You can use recent files to recover the information you want.

Recent files will guide you to the info you need

Recent files, also referred to as temporary files, are those created automatically and stored on the system's hard drive. Microsoft Windows uses many temporary files to store data about the users' web browsing history and settings. The most common files associated with Windows temporary files are index.dat and the entire "Cookies" folder under "Documents and Settings" that stores HTTP cookies. Most popular programs create temporary files and then leave them behind.

If you are up to stealing some information, working with the recent files is the easiest way to do that. Even if the actual file is deleted, the temporary copy of it is still stored. Use some utility to recover information from them. You can see which applications were run, what sites were browsed and what docs were made.

We have to mention though that the described above is only possible when the user is not concerned about his system safety and personal privacy. That means he doesn't use the software designed to clean up completely the recent files such as TraceCleaner

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