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Recent files are a big chance for your data to be stolen.

Risks of information leakage are high.

Use Balanced Scorecard metrics designed in Excel to measure IT security performance.

Recent files. Those created by all kinds of software on your system. Microsoft Office, WinZip, your browser and all the others can 'contribute' a lot of sensitive information about your work to the intruders via the recent files.

Many applications require to create and maintain temporary files. Often, these temporary files are created without the end-user knowing about the same. Security attacks realized due to insecure temporary file management is a critical category of security attacks on software applications. More about danger of keeping recent files on your system.

Using the RecentCleaner, a handy software designed to treat recent files, companies' IT specialists will be able to estimate the risks that recent files cause. The program is capable of scanning the system for recent files, categorizing the recent files and wiping them off your system. Also the program can provide the user or IT specialist with the detailed information about system's weak areas and possible risks and leakages of information. That information can be used to plan the work needed to be done to secure the system.

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