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Watch out for recent files!

Be cautious with the recent files!

Why are they dangerous?

Recent files or temporary files are those that most programs create automatically and store on your system. What programs are you using? Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Winzip and others...All they create so called recent files.  Why are they dangerous?

The thing is that the recent files make your privacy and your company's confidential information vulnerable. What are the recent files, anyway? They are the files that contain all the information about your work. WinWord's files will tell everything about your work done in this application. Same with all other programs. Internet Explorer's recent files will show your internet activity and everything you've downloaded. Recent files can lead to the information leakage from companies and personal data stolen by intruders. The risks are extremely high.

The solution is the programs that are competent of complete erasure of these files. The good one out of those is the RecentCleaner. This right program can scan, specify recent files by category and wipe them according to your specifications. Want to clean up your Internet activity but need to keep WinWord history? RecentCleaner will let you do that. It's a handy and powerful program that will keep you, your system and your company safe.

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