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Information security management

Information technology has become performance multiplier for almost every organization. However, it is associated with numerous vulnerabilities that may cause serious damage to business reputation and result in revenues reduction.

Information theft

Use Balanced Scorecard metrics designed in Excel to measure IT security performance.

An unprotected IT infrastructure is vulnerable to information losses and identity theft. It can hit any business that aims to be competitive, and impact overall business operations, corporate reputation, and customer and shareholder confidence. Statistics highlight that up to 40% of business organizations lack any consistent information security policy at all, while more than one third of companies have no business continuity or security recovery plan in place.

Information security analysis

Be sure you know about all possible security holes in your system. Consider using background mode file shredder to prevent recovering of sensitive files.

Information security has become crucial for almost every organization. More and more companies are increasing their reliance on IT, as information proves to be an essential asset in general business procedures. However, a minor security breach can result in revenues reduction, as well as the embarrassment and reputation damage. That is why more than a half of security incidents within companies go unreported for reasons ranging from legal implications to the reduction of stock values.

Unfortunately, information security is usually an afterthought for most organizations. Although today IT is a force and performance multiplier, it is associated with multiple vulnerabilities that may cause substantial damage to the business structure as a whole. To meet the increased security expectations, companies need to create a security framework. Implementation of hi-tech hardware and software security solutions proves to be insufficient for providing consistent and reliable protection of corporate information assets. The threat to information security is not only operational but also (and more often) physical. IT security should be more about providing business convenience rather than prohibiting or preventing the use of certain applications and access controls.

To analyze information security efficiency within a company, you should answer the following questions:

  • Do you have baseline defense set in place? Does your security software (antivirus, antispyware, firewall, etc.) conform to the necessary standards?
  • Do you have strong and reliable passwords?
  • Are all the confidential information and files properly located? People may incidentally create several copies of the same files or transfer confidential information within the corporate network. Using specific software solutions to locate and identify confidential data may reduce the risk of information theft.
  • Is confidential data secured from unauthorized emailing, copying or transferring through instant messaging system?
  • In case if your employer would hide some sensitive file, will you be able to find hidden files?

Consistent security management

Information security is not an independent system. IT security strategy has to be integrated within the overall operations of a company. Although effective software and hardware solutions are essential for information security, a company needs consistent security management to safeguard its valuable information assets.

Find Protected is an utility to force Password Security policy


Find Protected allows to detect incidents, when one break Password Security Policy.

  • Prevent using password protection for not-sensitive documents

  • Prevent information leakage, when one keep sensitive file in non-secure location

  • Prevent in-appropriate using of password protection (for example, password protection of personal files)

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