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Document security within an enterprise

Documents are the most valuable information asset within a company. That is why it is essential to provide its security within an enterprise and after it leaves the corporate network.

Security strategy is a must for enterprise

Use Balanced Scorecard metrics designed in Excel to measure IT security performance.

Companies that are using technologies like networks, wireless and mobile devices, have to work out some means to protect confidential information they are dealing with.  Information loss may be caused by anything from absent-mindedness to incompetence and malice. Mistakes in implementing security strategy can turn into disasters if you don't respond to them effectively.

What is document security?

Don't let anyone to recover valuable data

Insiders or some other attackers could steal valuable company files by recovering sensitive data from hard disk. Consider using Shred Agent background file shredder utility. This tool provides documents security after file is deleted, it handles even recycle bin and temporary files. 

It seems possible to find a technological solution for every security problem; however, people quite often neglect the most common vulnerabilities, thus increasing the risk of a security attack. Employee may forget to check the processes that should be checked out or fail to install access control mechanisms. That is why the corporate security strategy is vital for providing comprehensive protection of confidential documents and other files. However, after the security strategy is created, it is essential to implement it effectively. Security management should ensure that every employee understands her responsibilities for secure data storage and transition. Security strategy should not interfere with the existing business procedures, but rather provide for smooth and consistent work with confidential files and applications.

Documents containing confidential information are typically the most valuable assets of the enterprises. Corporate security strategy must therefore protect these information assets, rather than operating systems and applications. Most security strategies either secure a document in storage or in transit, but as soon as the document leaves the corporate network, its protection is lost and the document can be intentionally or unintentionally used for unauthorized aims. Comprehensive security strategy must provide for end-to-end approach to data security. It should assign security parameters to a specific document that apply even after it has been delivered to the user outside the corporate network, protecting it from unauthorized use.

You can use password protection and encryption to ensure that only intended recipients can open a protected document. You can also apply multiple-level access controls for printing, text copying, and editing the document. Dynamic security strategy allows you to add or revoke recipients' access rights. A document may “expire” in a certain period, disabling recipients from publishing, printing or forwarding the document.

Documents may be at risk even if they are stored within a corporate network. Some documents may be incidentally or intentionally copied, sent to another department, or simply renamed. Usually these files are “lost” within a corporate network. Newly implemented security strategy may simply oversee such files or fail to include them in the list of protected files. To locate all protected files containing confidential data, you may use specific software solutions.

Secure documents in storage and in transit

Documents being the most valuable information asset within an enterprise, it is essential to provide its overall security in storage, transit, as well as after they are delivered to the recipient. However, locating and identifying confidential documents within the corporate network is equally important.

Find Protected is an utility to force Password Security policy


Find Protected allows to detect incidents, when one break Password Security Policy.

  • Prevent using password protection for not-sensitive documents

  • Finding hidden password protected files

  • Prevent information leakage, when one keep sensitive file in non-secure location

  • Prevent in-appropriate using of password protection (for example, password protection of personal files)

  • Allows to find hidden files over hard disk and network

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