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File leak prevention is a challenging task for system administrators

March 4th, 2010

With a rapid development of the Internet sharing of information has turned from a miracle into reality. It is possible to transfer files and huge archives via the Internet. There is no problem in uploading a 5GB file for your friends or partners to download it.

But at the same time modern technologies made it possible to steal information and use it with criminal purposes. Thus, computers need to be protected from intruders. However, it sometimes happens that employees of large companies cheat on the management by accessing and sharing sensitive information with third parties or criminals. Such actions may result in serious monetary losses or problems with competitors or even tax government authorities. As a rule, cheating employees protect forbidden files with passwords, so that no one can access them.

Progressive network security administrators use special automated system to find password protected files, as such files and archives are among the most suspicious. Show Hidden Files utility from AKS-LABS is a program that helps you find password protected files, create a list of them and copy them to one folder.

With Show Hidden Files is a perfect tool for file leak prevention. If an employee decided to protect file or archive with password, then he has something conceal. The program will scan folders and hard drives to compile a list of files and archives that are protected with passwords.

Show Hidden Files is an effective tool for file leak prevention

Show Hidden Files is an effective tool for file leak prevention

File leak prevention is a challenging task

File leak prevention is a challenging task

Show Hidden Files is widely used in police when officers confiscate computers to find crime evidence there. There is a 99,9% probability that password protected files contain important information.

Show Hidden Files can be used in the network of computers. Thus, if you are s system administrator whose goal is file leak prevention, Show Hidden Files is a very helpful solution. This search system works fast and it does not require user’s special knowledge. The program is easy and understood for users with different levels of computer literacy.

It is possible to select several folders/directories or hard drives where Show Hidden Files will search for password protected files. Once the search is complete the program can compile a list of found files, or copy the files to a selected folder.

If you possess additional information on the files, you can use search by size and date options. This will make it possible to narrow search results. For example you might be interested only in the files older than January 2, 2009.

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