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Database leak prevention is easy with Show Hidden Files

March 4th, 2010

Imagine that you are running a successful business, and all of a sudden you face serious problems. You competitors are acting as if they know what you were going to do, and so they are doing the same. There can be only one explanation: information leakage. But you stored all confidential information in your computers network. Perhaps, one of your employees accessed forbidden files and shared them with competitors. Well, you are in a trouble.

You contact system administrator and describe the problem. He listens and understands that existing database leak prevention system does not work. It is necessary to scan computers to find who shared sensitive information. But, what files are the most interesting to you? Well, if you run into a password protected file you will tell yourself: “Well, this guy conceals something here”. The next thing you would think of is: “Hey, it would be good to find all password protected files and crack them.”

Such a wish is a reality in AKS-LABS. Developers from this company released a program that looks for password protected files only. Show Hidden Files is a perfect tool for database leak prevention. The program will make it possible to spot all hidden files. After search process you can copy files to one location and then try to break passwords.

Show Hidden Files is a very easy to use program. All menus, tabs and functions are easy to understand, so you are unlikely to face any problems. However, if this happens you can use Help menu or contact AKS-LABS support service.

Use a reliable tool for database leak prevention

Use a reliable tool for database leak prevention

Database leak prevention is a very serious task

Database leak prevention is a very serious task

Having chosen directories and hard drives (there can be several locations) you may proceed to search. The program will spot all files protected with passwords, as well as archives and pgp discs. Hidden files will appear in the search result list. Bu the way you can apply standard right button mouse menu to these files to delete or cut them. It is also possible to copy all files to a previously selected directory.

As to the file types, Show Hidden Files can look for particular extensions. These are MS Word and Excel documents, Access databases, zip and rar archives and pgp disks. As you can see, these are the most popular office extensions.

In case you have additional information on the files you are looking for, then search by date and size tabs are the best option for you. In such a way you may eliminate undesirable files in the search result list.

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